What Qualifies Me To Write Serious Erotic Gay Fiction?

What Qualifies Me To Write Serious Erotic Gay Fiction?

I spent most of my life in New York City as a public relations executive before relocating to Fort Lauderdale in 2002, where I enjoyed a second career teaching writing at a local university, I’ve been writing professionally since 2008 and my daily social commentary blog on gay life in America has been running since 2010 at str8gayconfessions.com.

That’s nice, you say, but what qualifies me to write serious male erotic gay fiction? You know stuff with handsome characters caught in sticky dilemmas, with lots of lovin’ and lots of man-to-man sex?

20150109_140534-1Well, I may call it fiction, but just about all my stuff is based on my experiences as a gay man. So when you read my books, you’re reading the real thing.

Because I’ve lived it.

All of it.

I’ve lived in the gay ghettos of New York, L.A., and Fort Lauderdale, played in San Francisco’s South of Market and Chicago’s Halsted, all locales for my books, at the height of their wickedness; been a paid escort, done porn, yea, done drugs – all for my art of course – seen Gay Liberation take root, survived the AIDS crisis, and played the web and phone apps like a Vegas gambler.

All while fucking and fisting men from a well-heeled Mafia contractor who wanted to keep me to handsome meth head losers from across the country and around the world, and having a couch potato sports junkie partner longer than most American marriages have lasted.


Yea, I’ve been a busy boy and I’ve been a bad boy. A real bad boy.

But hey, only bad boys know how to write great erotic gay fiction.

RP Andrews